Speaking & Professional Development

In addition to my work as a classroom teacher, I thoroughly enjoy speaking and providing professional development sessions for schools, districts, and other education gatherings.  I offer two types of professional learning: in school learning labs and interactive professional development sessions. Booking is available for the spring and summer of 2020 and beyond. To inquire about dates and session possibilities please contact me at cnosekliteracy@gmail.com

In School Learning Labs

One of the best ways for teachers to learn is to see it in action at their own school site! In school learning labs happen during the school day. During a learning lab, I meet with teachers, then head to the classroom to demonstrate lessons, methods, and strategies working directly with students. Teachers start as observers and then immediately apply what they learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Learning labs can focus on any aspect of literacy instruction, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school.

Professional Development Sessions 

From developing an authentic reading and writing workshop, to building a classroom or school community of engaged readers, to engaging every student in the incredible process of writing, I will guide your staff or group through making the teaching of literacy a fun, enriching, and practical endeavor. Let’s work together to tailor the session content to meet your needs. A sampling of sessions available are included below.

 View complete session descriptions here.

From Teachers

The best part about working with Christina on literacy is her ability to meet you where you are.  She quickly sees what your needs are and gives you useful strategies that you can implement tomorrow. Her advice is practical and realistic.  She knows how to communicate with a classroom teacher.   -Tom, 4th Grade Teacher

I have attended a few sessions given by Christina Nosek, and each time I am treated as an equal, and considered in the type of material presented. Christina is known for helping teachers in literacy education in a practical manner. Her eloquence in delivering information makes the material accessible for all teachers, and gets us excited to implement certain practices into our classrooms. With experience as a classroom teacher herself, she knows what teachers face everyday in the classroom and how to really support us and our students.  -Laura, 5th Grade Teacher

Christina is a wonderful teacher/coach/collaborator. Having her as a literacy coach, I learned so much, and was able to grow my practice as a writing teacher. She makes you feel comfortable and supported when working with her. Plus, she can come into your classroom and make an immediate connection with your students, too!   -Gina, 1st Grade Teacher

If you’d like to know more or inquire about possibilities for your school, please feel free to contact me at cnosekliteracy@gmail.com