Now Forming Book Clubs for Kids & Preteens!

Interested in starting a facilitated book club with or for your child/preteen? You’ve come to the right place!

This past September, I started facilitating after school and evening book clubs for kids and their caring adults. It has been an incredibly fun, new adventure! Currently, I am reserving space for book clubs for the summer of 2023 and the 2023-24 school year. I have just a few spots left for new clubs. If you’re interested in starting a club with your child/preteen for the summer, school year, or both, send me an email at


What do book clubs look like?
Book clubs involve a group of five to ten kids/preteens who gather to participate in casual and engaging facilitated book discussions. My role as facilitator for each club meeting involves selecting books based on group input, creating and providing discussion guides, and keeping the discussion lively, engaging, and focused during the book club meeting.

How do clubs form?
To get a book club going, one or two parents/caregivers act as the group organizers who ask other parents and their kids to join the club. Clubs typically consist of neighborhood, school, or other groups of friends. Once the members of the book club are confirmed by organizing parents, I work with them to determine dates and times for the club meetings. Then, I take care of the organization and facilitation for the duration of the club’s season, whether it be a summer or school year.

Where/when do the clubs take place?
Club meetings take place in-person or on Zoom. I serve the San Francisco Peninsula/South Bay Area, specifically anywhere between San Jose/Los Gatos and San Francisco for in-person book club meetings. Forming a Zoom book club is available for those outside of the SF Peninsula and South Bay Area. In-person book clubs take place in the homes of participants. Each club determines a location for each meeting ahead of time. Summer clubs will meet once or twice to discuss one or two books. School year clubs will meet five to seven times throughout the school year to discuss selected books spanning different genres.

How are books selected and what guides the discussion?
I carefully take each group’s needs and preferences into consideration when choosing books for each club meeting. Selection considerations include genre preferences, past books read, and much more. A wide range of experiences and perspectives is always included in book selection. No two books will be alike! All clubs and readers are different, so choices are tailored for each individual group. All books chosen are written by highly acclaimed and often award-winning children’s and middle grade authors. Books are revealed a month before each meeting so participants have time to read before the group discussion. I also create and provide discussion guides tailored to each individual group.

What is the cost?
Prices vary depending on your location, number of participants, and number of club meetings. Send me an email at to learn more.

*As much as I love discussing books with the students at the school where I’m a teacher, my after-school/evening book clubs are not available to current students at my own school





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