Got Questions About Teaching Reading? Answers are on the Way! Book & Blog Series

I’m thrilled my new book, Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Teaching Elementary Reading, will be in teachers’ hands in a matter of days! This book was written with practicing and soon-to-be practicing elementary classroom teachers in mind. I’m hoping it clears up some confusing and conflicting messages, offers reassurance, and provides practical methods and ideas for teachers to put into practice right away. Most importantly, students were placed at the heart of every page– following the lead of the readers in your classroom is front and center in every chapter in the book.

As a classroom teacher myself, I considered questions I had as a newer teacher and ones I still have as a veteran. I also consulted student teachers, first year teachers, other veteran teachers, literacy-ed authors & scholars, and mounds of literature and research in the field to come up with helpful answers to the most common questions that frequently pop up in actual classroom practice. Sometimes, the answers are straight forward and explained in a step by step manner. Other times, further reading is suggested, especially for the more nuanced and complex portions of reading instruction (and there are many!).

Starting on Monday, March 21st, I will introduce each chapter in the book with a sneak peek of the questions answered and a few practical teaching tips and suggestions thrown in. A new chapter and questions will be introduced every few days. All posts will be linked here once they’re available.

I’m so excited to share this book and thinking with my fellow classroom teachers! Corwin is offering 20% off– use the code SAVE20. Learn more here.

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