Classroom Book A Day: Our Whole Collection!

 “Maggie is so excited about how much you read out loud with the class everyday!” 

After hearing this from a parent at our Back to School Night last week, my commitment to classroom book a day was solidified. We now have 14 days of fifth grade behind us along with 14 picture books that have helped us cultivate our community of readers through read aloud. 14 shared experiences through books. 14 ways our community of readers can now connect with each other. 14 commonalities. This number will continue to grow for every single new day and new book of the school year.

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After each read aloud is completed, we house our books in the Books Read Together bin in the classroom library. As time goes on, I imagine the bin turning into a shelf. Each day during independent reading time, I’ve seen many of our Classroom Book a Day read alouds bring reread and discussed. One of the most beautiful things about a shared classroom read aloud experience is that the book lives on and on long after the time spent reading together is finished.

In addition to keeping our books in a classroom library book bin for constant access, we also have a digital display.  To make our Classroom Book a Day collection visible to students and their families alike, my fifth graders and I created this Padlet. The Padlet will reflect the continually growing collection of shared reads.

Made with Padlet

(scroll back/forth and up/down to see every book)

I’d love to know how you’re sharing your classroom read alouds… bulletin board, digital display, basket in the library, something else?  We’re all so excited about the possibilities to come for this year’s Classroom Book a Day commitment. I can’t wait to see where this takes my readers!

Happy Reading, Friends!



By the way, if you are new to Classroom Book a Day (like I was not too long ago), take a look at this great information from Jillian Heise.



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